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Why We Joined the United Nations For Toddand, as a small, grassroots dating site, with a commitment to gender equality; being part of such a UN program seemed like a natural partnership.Like big companies, including Nestle and steel giant, Tata, who have been thrown out of the same UN program in the past, according to the UN’s delisting fact sheet, Toddand took our UN membership seriously, and we financially invested in it.

Australia hired a research company to make cigarette packaging unappealing, and after "three months, seven studies, and more than 1,000 regular smokers," they were able to "determine the most offensive color" possible, as explains. In a statement to, Pantone defended the color in an "I love all my children equally" manner:"At the Pantone Color Institute, we consider all colors equally.We were happy to implement the UN’s required (very extensive) regulations which required hours of staff training, and their many difficult reporting protocols, some of which required external auditors for company business, into our people infrastructure. The below email correspondence between us, and UN staffers, Margaret Fenwick, one of the UN’s Media and Communications managers, and Carolina Lima, our UN Relationship Manager, evidenced that from the outset UN representatives made very clear to Toddand, in writing, we were a very welcome addition to the UN. As you can imagine, it was an exciting, heady time.As passionate business owners, who care about our constitutional rights and being good corporate citizens, we were thrilled to receive recognition from such a prestigious body, as the United Nations.It’s all part of Amgen’s commitment to fuel science innovation and create a brighter, healthier future for all.Macmillan Cancer Support have created My Mate Your Date, an social media dating service that will raise funds for the charity.

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