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For all those just looking for people who support them or feel like being flirty maybe even get into a relationship who knows this is a chat room for all ages where you can be yourself and enjoy yourself while doing it have fun be nice and smile 'cause you're beautiful and no one can tell you different Africa is the best continent in the world with very beautiful and loving people.there are many minerals and the weather is very favourable .

There are many wild animals including the elephants,lions,cheetah,tigers,hippos,snakes,crocodiles the trend flowing This is a chat room for Preppers and those who seek freedom and equality.

However, I think it is high time I do return and continue. However, I will be holding more contests like this in future seeing as this one turned out so well. Anyone who has suggestions for the series please let me know, I'm open to any ideas! I fell in love with it, and I just lost all interest for OHSHC. I got many more watchers and comments, my writing skills have developed so much and I've met so many people. ) was a Hetalia x Abused Child Reader with multiple endings depending on which country the reader chose. Only minor mistakes will be allowed.----If it doesn't meet ALL of these requirements, I will not leave it's link in the desc of the intro. This is gonna be so short, but for whatever reason, something just suddenly made me remember when I went to Spain when I was little, and my family and I went to a restraunt and I got tired and wanted to sleep. God, it's been a while since I wrote a journal, at least it feels like it. Oh, don't forget to check out my previous journal for a chance to get your OC in EO. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with my fanfic, Earth Orphanage. So, I am holding a little contest to see who can draw, paint, do the art thing on the computer whatever you call it, of her.

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However, if you're not okay with smut in certain aspects, such as not wanting to get into full detail when things get taken far, we can fade out to a time we agree on. Do not force them to do or not to do something out of concern for your own reasons of desire. I do enjoy some blushing OCs, whether they be embarrassed or flustered, but, PLEASE, don’t overdue it. I have a lot in mind, so I'll list the fandoms I want, as well as the characters! Kik: Mooch Master Name: Cath Age: 19Email: [email protected]: hair of fire Discord: Tally Hoe#8610tumblr: ogboywonder.Skype: available at request I really prefer somewhat detailed replies. As well as if we go down playing characters during smut as more submissive/dominate, I feel better playing the submissive role, but that's just for smut scenes. Also, please don't feel intimidated in any way by the amount of pairings. (I'm a sucker for M/M pairings) :)Not all pairings have to be taken romantically, more than happy to do something without romance! Content I have knowledge of includes, but not limited to: Animated Series (Young Justice, Batman Animated Series, Teen Titans, etc.)Video Games (Arkham series [please rp arkham knight with me :'D], Injustice, DC Universe, etc.)Animated films (Under the Red Hood, Teen Titans vs Justice League, Son of Batman, etc.)Comics (Flashpoint, Killing Joke, Death of the Family, etc.)CW's Flash DCEU Movies (Dark Knight Trilogy, Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, etc.)Beware, like super long post with prompts following.... I come to you with greetings and promise of roleplay. I don't mind including smut as long as that's not all we're doing. I like including side characters or even multiple mains, depending on the idea. They don't realize they are each other's nemesis and are constantly patching up the other person's wounds while slowly falling in love. In a world where superheroes and supervillains have become the norm, comics and books about them have been considered non-fiction.

Peter traced his hands over the small sketch of a Daisy in the corner of the lined paper.“It appears I have made a new friend.”“Oh.” Chris hummed. His lips brushed Peter's neck and he tilted his head agreeably inviting further exploration._________________________When young 2/LT Stilinski starts writing Chris after serving with him, both he and Peter have no idea how this will change their lives forever.

Erica, Stiles' roommate, is going to be the death of him, damn it.

The truth is, I was overwhelmed when I stopped coming to Deviant ART. I should have told you all why, and even told you that there was a chance I'd never return. To try and make it up to you, I'm going to start writing EO again, so expect chapter 7 soon. There are requirements: You may only write one ending per character.2ps are allowed. Gawd if I imagine that waiter was Spain then I fangirl. Or what if I was Romano (not in theory) and the witer was Spain.

School was getting too much, I'd promised lots of writes for prizes to people and I had a chapter of EO to write that I just couldn't seem to make right. As for my other series, I'll decide whether or not to continue those later, for now, I'm going to just write EO, as you guys all seemed to enjoy that most.

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