Luke benward and olivia holt dating

“Happy birthday to one of my oldest and best friends @sterlingbeau! Thank you for always being an incredible friend, and sometimes pain in your SW’s asses. Olivia Holt and Luke Benward Luke revealed that he was dating Olivia in the most adorable Skype interview ever.When asked who his celeb crush was he hesitated for about 10 seconds and said "She might kill me for telling you this, but me and Olivia have a little thing." Watch it happen below at .Luke enjoys playing football (Wide Receiver 8th grade year) his guitar, video games, and breakdancing.Benward won a Young Artist Award for his performance in How to Eat Fried Worms, category "Best Young Ensemble in a Feature Film". He played the disciple Mark on the Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament dramatic audio bible for teens.

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He also auditioned for the role of Moose, in The Suite Life on Deck, but the part went to Hutch Dano instead.

Olivia posted a picture of Luke on Instagram, but her caption is puzzling fans, making them wonder if they're still together — especially since she's been spending a lot of time with fellow actor Spencer Boldman lately for Disney Channel's Fan Fest Star Tour. (aka young leo dicaprio) (I MEAN SERIOUSLY)," Olivia said.

"I just wanna say how proud I am of all your accomplishments.

Sie hat eine ältere Schwester und einen jüngeren Bruder.

Im Alter von drei Jahren zog ihre Familie nach Nesbit, De Soto County, Mississippi, wo sie aufwuchs. Seit den Dreharbeiten zu dem Fernsehfilm Monster gegen Mädchen im Jahr 2012 ist sie mit ihrem Schauspielkollegen Luke Benward liiert.

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