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While there is still a lot of homophobia and a lot of discrimination against gay people in general, this documentary does focus on a magazine that was developed and delivered so that people would not have to expose themselves.

Nowadays with Internet and whatnot, it is obviously a lot easier to do that, but it is a true testament to time and will, to see what some people had to go through to reach a certain kind of freedom to express themselves.

History is made by forward-thinking companies and Netflix, let’s be honest, is making history.

The streaming platform is rich with content and, so far, has had only a few true misses (talking to you, Iron Fist).

Claim to fame: Pretty Little Liars Fun fact: Diego Boneta was awarded GQ Latin America's "Actor of The Year" award, and with good reason.

He's well known for his most recent work in the novela Avenida Brasil, and for his shirtless runs along Copacabana Beach. Claim to fame: Y Tu Mamá Tambien Fun fact: Although he has appeared in a few American films such as The King and Babel, Bernal is considered cinema royalty in his home country of Mexico, where he has completed most of his work. Claim to fame: Carlos Fun fact: Ramirez won a César Award for his work in the French-German biopic series Carlos.

Is from: Cuba Works in: Mexico Claim to fame: Mexican novelas and ABC's Dancing With The Stars Fun fact: He's set to make his American movie debut with two feature films being released in 2014. Claim to Fame: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Fun fact: After his "big break" in American cinema back in 2003, Santoro has also appeared in Love Actually, the popular TV series Lost, and the epic Spartan feature 300. Also, he married Argentine actress Dolores Fonzi, so he's huge there too. He's also appeared in big Hollywood blockbusters such as Zero Dark Thirty, Vantage Point, and The Bourne Ultimatum. Claim to fame: Y Tu Mamá Tambien Fun fact: Luna has been in many American films such as Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Milk, and The Terminal. Claim to fame: Calientes Fun fact: His great-grandfather was the second cousin of Ernesto "Che" Guevara's mother.

The first is a Bille Woodruff movie titled Addicted, the second a Tyler Perry film titled Single Moms Club. Is from: Argentina Works in: Argentina and Mexico Claim to fame: Clave de Sol Fun fact: In an interview he admitted to regretting not accepting a part in Nueve Reinas, one of Argentina's most famous movies. He is also a very well established movie producer in his home country. De la Serna starred next to Garcia Bernal in Motorcycle Diaries. Is from: Colombia Works in: Colombia Claim to fame: La Mujer De Mi Hermano Fun fact: Cardona has been in the limelight ever since he was little.

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The man can be heard yelling: 'It's my dog.' The female German Shepherd's name is G2.

He began as a child model, and then broke into the Colombian television scene around age 18.

He also made his American film debut in 2008 with Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Less than five years ago, the now dominant streaming platform was best known as the company that put Blockbuster out of business.

House of Cards not only changed all that—it also changed the way TV is consumed, introducing the now ever-popular binge model.

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