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:(OK so if I understand this correctly this is not a TA but rather an issue, right?I noticed yesterday that my new achievements have not added any to my gamerscore and TA total yet if I add the individual games together I get the right gamerscore. My score here is currently correct, which I'm happy about.It's a complete mess right now and Microsoft are either ignoring it or haven't got a clue how to fix it.I did an achievement 3x in a game and it wouldn't pop.In addition to getting access to special offers and promotions that are exclusive to our members, you'll also be able to earn Rewards Credits that will be converted into your local currency and can be used to purchase the things you want in the Xbox Store.

So I played more and unlocked about 5 more achievements adding about 50 more gamerscore and it was doing right and all of them was showing up.when I restarted my 360 it went back to only 8/50 with 140GS.. Another thing is when I check my gamerscore on the Xbox guide & Dashboard it shows my gamerscore correctly, but when I compare games with another player or check it from the "Completed Games" blade it shows it about 300 points less than the other.

Last night whilst playing mafia 2 my last achievement of the night put me on 44,000 exactly. It isn't just the score that is fluctuating, profile info from weeks ago is appearing on my account despite it being changed, avatar reverting back to a previous state etc. It was kind of weird before, but it seems to have gotten worse since the downtime Monday.

This morning i went on to find my gamerscore is 43,970. As long as they're not ignoring the issue and trying to fix it, it's fine.

Then I later got an achievement in the same game, after completing it for "getting every achievement in the game." Yet I'm still at 970 on my console and online (obviously) even though it says I have all the achievements.

So I was at 35,992 gamerscore then I unlocked an achievement for 10gs and I checked on my console, the achievement unlocked but I am still at 35,992what gives? I had 35,992g before I played Zoo tycoon, but when I won the 10g achievement it didn't add on to my gamerscore online or on my console. But the 25G wasnt added to my Gamerscore earlier today I got an achievement in Contrast and that was added and updated.

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